Progress Lighting P2613-30 Four Speed Fan Wall Control Reviews

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bnj north myrtle beach sc 2008-07-14

Four-speed Fan Wall Control - P2613-30

provides a super slow speed for those occassions when you just need a little air circulation.

GB Fruit Cove, FL 2009-02-14

not perfect but works ok.

While it is inexpensive the speed position stops feel a bit odd and the switch does not indicate which position is the fastest. The upmost position is the slowest. My previous experience with this type of switch was that it behaves similar to a dimmer, that is, the stop nearest the off postion is the slowest and the position farthest from the off is the fastest. In all three of these switches I installed the position closest to the off position is the fastest and the position farthest away from off is the slowest. I do not particularly like this, but it does give my three speed fan four speeds. Overall, I would recommend the seller to a friend but not this product.