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Kohler K-1151-GLA Bancroft 5' BubbleMassage Bath With Integral Apron And Left Hand Drain Reviews

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Springhill New Mexico 2008-03-27

Like being in a glass of champagne!

When I use a hottub or jacuzzi tub I feel like the jets are too strong. My skin usually ends up itchy where the air is blowing. I wanted water movement... but in a relaxing way. This tub is perfect and the bubbles float up all around you as light or strong as you want them to be. I ordered the remote pump locator so mine is quiet as well!

Zack Forest Hills, NY 2013-07-21

Fantastic tub!!

The Bancroft 5' BubbleMassage Bath with Integral Apron and Left Hand Drain is the focal point of our main bathroom. The tub is really nice and deep and my kids love it. The air is really nice and has multiple controls for the power. The self-cleaning feature is cool but definitely freaked us out the first time it turned on 10 minutes after we got the kids out of the bath. The air isn't as powerful as some jetted tubs so I don't think it's as effective at massaging your muscles. I'd highly recommend this tub. It wasn't cheap but it was well worth every penny!

Rehab Annie Winston-Salem, NC 2007-09-15


I wanted to make my 5 x 8 bath special, and the bubble massage tub absolutely does that! It's relaxing, deep, and easy to care for. I love that the bubbles are all over--you don't have to position yourself in front of a jet the way you do with a whirlpool. It has a textured base so it can double as a shower, too. You do need to clean it 1-2 times a month (see Kohler web site), but it's worth it for the experience. We love being at the head of the trend with this one!