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Nutone 690NT Bath Fan Upgrade Kit Reviews

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Michael Branchburg, NJ 2007-11-12

Piece of cake to install!

This was much easier to install than I thoiught it was going to be. Saved a lot of money over buying a whole new unit too!

DIY Wannabe Lafayette, CO 2007-09-29

Complete Kit - Easy to Install

My original Nutone fans were about 10 years old - and started making lots of noise. Cleaning did not help. This kit is great, because you can install in the existing housing, eliminating the need to go into the attic or cut into the ceiling. It was a little tricky getting the new motor plate up into the existing "tight" housing (my existing fans were Nutone 696NB) but with a little patience, I was able to slide the mount up and the blades slipped into their slots. Just don't tip the motor plate at too steep an angle. Keep it almost level and push straight up, otherwise the fan blade may get stuck on the power outlet. The new grill is nice too. One note of caution, the edge of the motor plate is very sharp! You should wear work gloves when handling and installing.