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American Standard 2018.214 Champion 4 Two Piece Elongated Reviews

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Cal South Bend, IN 2007-12-05

Great Toilet

Had problems with our downstairs toilet..always backing up..Installed the Champion and it has been working flawlessly..think we will get rid of the plunger! Highly recommend to those who want an excellent toilet at a great price..

Bob, the red meat eater Tulsa, OK 2008-01-17

Best Toilet in the Galaxy

My old toilet, that was a 3 gallon flusher would back up and stop up, weekly, if not more often. This AS Champion 4 toilet has not stopped up once, does not act like it will clog up, and flushes with a manly flush. That is somthing I did not think a tree huggin 1.6 gallon flusher would ever do! My God I love it and I will order another one for my smaller bath. By purchasing through Absolute Home, I saved well over 50% on the cost! The savings offset the lengthy time it took for me to get it! Thank you! Bob Long,

Marmargar Lancaster, CA 2007-02-27

Would not buy this model again

Being a disabled person with a bad back and knees, I love the height. It's easier to use than the normal toilet. I like the flush, no clogs. But now it has a problem with the water continuing to run. I purchased it less than two years ago. American Standard has promised to send the parts to repair the problem but havent seen them yet.

Linda in Texas Dallas 2007-05-25

I have 3 Champion toilets in my home

This is my third Champion toilet, out of four toilets in my home. In my opinion this is the ONLY toilet a family should have in the children's bathroom …. or guest bath This is the toilet that flushes a bucket of golf balls, in the advertisement. No Joke, I’m sure it would. I have started many Champion toilet conversations with strangers in the plumbing section of the home supply stores I visit frequently, this is why. 1) My youngest thinks he needs a lot of tissue. Before I got the first two Champion toilets I dreaded the time I lost when I frequently had to clear clogs! NOT my favorite thing to do! It has been four years since I have had to do anything but clear the air vents of leaves. 2) This toilet has a lifetime warranty. The guest room toilet’s handle started falling off. I called American Standard and explained what was going on. From the nunbers on the tanks He found that there was a defect in that series and he would be sending me two new tanks. Not just a little

Happy Flusher Columbus Ohio 2011-04-06


This toilet is un-pluggable. I can now remove the plungers that are currently in everyone of my bathrooms because of my kids and clogging

Mike Albuquerque 2008-11-14

Outstanding performance

This toilet really works great. One flush does it.

Falcon California 2009-02-12


The toilet works well when it is not running and wasting water. It has developed a leaky seal or valve six months after purchase...others have had the same problem. I had to pay for replacement parts...hope they work...or I will have to buy another toilet.