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American Classics HNHK36DY Hampton 36" Vanity Cabinet Only In Natural Hickory Reviews

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Anonymous USA 2008-08-10

Soothing and helps for a sound sleep

Bought this for my husband actually because he had so much trouble falling asleep and sleeping through the night. He's a military vet who served in Vietnam so the cricket sounds to him meant he could sleep soundly (-- when crickets stopped making sounds in Vietnam, an ambush usually ensued so he correlates his level of sleep to natural sounds he relied on in the jungle. He served 2 tours in 25th Inf) -- and even tho it's been decades since, this really helps. I love it for the ocean sounds and the rain sounds. Once I shut my eyes, I could be anywhere - at an oceanfront home or sleeping with my window open in a soft rain (even though it could be January!) I also like the soft sounds of thunder in the distance. I used to have to rely on Ambien or some other OTC sleep aid but not since getting this sound machine. Only issue I have is once you hit snooze, you get no sounds whatsoever -- I guess it's smart enough to not try to lull you back into a deep sleep. Also, snooze alarm will flash

jim Phila pa 2008-08-27

does the job as described

does what it is supposed to do very well.