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Victorinox Swiss Army 31374701

Victorinox Swiss Army 31374701 Lifestyle Accessories 4.0 Travel Sling Reviews

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Latest review by Jake from Japan on 2015-01-05

Very disappointed with this sling bag. First off, I really like the look and feel. I think it is very sturdy and should last a long time. I also like the phone holder in the strap. I got this bag assuming that I would be able to swing it to the front of my body and access the main compartment without removing the bag. I was wrong. If you look carefully, you'll notice that on one side you can access a water bottle compartment and on the other side you can access the main compartment and the flat compartment (tablet, magazine, etc.). No problem so far. The problem is that the bag is designed so that it straps over your right shoulder, and when you swing it around to the front of your body (under your left arm pit), the water bottle compartment is facing up, while the main compartment and tablet compartment are facing down. If you open the main compartment in this position, everything inside will just fall out... very poor design. IF you were able to unclip the strap at the bottom and cl.

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