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Road Bike Reviews

Schwinn S5490

Schwinn S5490 700C M Phocus 1500 Road Reviews

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(Based on 6 Reviews)
Latest review by jan from Langley, ky. on 2014-08-05

I liked this bike so well that I ordered another one for my son's birthday! The bike was a snap to assemble and adjust. The 24 speeds really work well. Great price for this bike!.

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Schwinn S4030B

Schwinn S4030B 700C Men's Volare 1300 Road Reviews

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(Based on 1 Reviews)
Latest review by jg4d from San Diego, Ca on 2014-10-15

I've been shopping around the inter-web, comparing prices, comparing different styles and reading tons of blogs. I kept coming across this item in my research and went for it. It wasn't my first choice, but I felt I couldn't pass up on a great deal. Even if the blogs weren't kind on purchasing this item and pretty much trying to sell you something similar for twice the price, I had faith in the name Schwinn and made the purchase. I am very satisfied with my purchase. I'm not trying to qualify for the Tour De France, just trying to get some low impact cardio going on. I was riding less than 30 min after opening the box. This purchase exceeded my expectations, especially after all the negative comments I came across. This may sound like the honeymoon period with the purchase, but I feel like I received a great deal for a high quality item. That's pretty cool..

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