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Modern Home RCBB Rotisserie Spit Counter Balance Reviews

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Latest review by DJeyeJ from Raleigh, NC on 2007-05-11

The Counterweight looked great out of the box. Very high quality looking. The first problem came when I tried to slide it over my rotisserie bar. It would not fit - too small - this is a standard rotiss bar that came with my LOWES Grill. It took a lot of filing the inside diameter out to make it fit. When I did get it fitted, and used it internally in the grill, the 'L' shaped bar would catch on the grill cover. Using it externally, it would catch on the grill base - both times stalling the motor. The fix was to shorten the bar and re-tap a new thread on the shortened bar. Now it does the job, and a good job at that. Net is - This may not fit a lot of standard grills for two reasons, and if you are not into basic metalwork to make it fit, be prepared to return it..

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