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Outdoor GreatRoom SATURN-K

Outdoor GreatRoom SATURN-K Tri-Pod Crystal Fire Pit with Cocoa Ring Table Top and Burner Cover Reviews

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Latest review by orrd from Austin, TX on 2014-04-06

We were quite surprised when we received the fire pit. The manufacturer photos are not of the actual product or the actual materials used in the product. The ring in the actual shipped product is made up of rough crumbly granules of some kind that are adhered together. It's a very bumpy surface, and rough enough to scratch your hand if you run it over it. It's also not the consistent charcoal color shown in the photo. It's actually dark black with bright yellow speckles. Seriously. It's covered in lots of bright yellow freckle-like spots that are highly visible, even from a distance. I contacted the company and they verified that the one I received with the bright yellow spots is typical for this product. I suspect the granules that are used to form the surface may be a recycled product, and that may be why the color is inconsistent. But it's definitely not made of the same type of smooth material that was used in the version that is shown in the photos. The manufacturer.

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