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Vermont Castings Gas Grill Reviews

Vermont Castings VCS325SS

Vermont Castings VCS325SS Signature Three Burner BBQ Grill in Stainless Steel Reviews

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(Based on 2 Reviews)
Latest review by MIKEYZ4 from Naples, Fl. on 2014-09-15

BEWARE! NOT ALL STAINLESS STEEL AS ADVERTISED! Bottom cabinet shelf not s.s. Drip pan not s.s.. Back panel of side searing burner and side shelf not s.s. Back panel of cabinet not s.s. Area under and to the sides of searing burner not s.s. I called Vermont Castings direct and talked with their tech person and was told by him that the way my grill was built does not match the model number or serial number that is on my grill. He stated that it was miss labeled and probably boxed wrong. Then when I filed a claim to have it replaced they all of a sudden changed their minds and said that this is the way they are made! If that is true then they are misrepresenting their product with false advertising! I still want a correction! Also had to loosen entire cabinet to re-plumb it because the right side of the double door was hanging 1/2" lower than the left..

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Vermont Castings VCS525SS

Vermont Castings VCS525SS Signature Five Burner BBQ Grill in Stainless Steel Reviews

Average Overall Rating:
(Based on 1 Reviews)
Latest review by Bostonian who loves to cook from Boston, MA on 2014-06-23

Wanted this grill for its size cooking capacity and it delivered. Product wasn't too hard to assemble, although it is a 2 person job. Real disadvantage is that it only comes in stainless which scratches easily and shows all marks and fingerprints. Edges are sharp and catch on the cover if not careful. Nice to have 5 burners which you don't have to use all at once. Love the adjustability of the burners and the fact that the knobs light up at night..

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