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Pacific Cycle Freestyle Bike Reviews

Pacific Cycle 264140PA

Pacific Cycle 264140PA 26" Uni Dualie Tandem Bike in Silver Reviews

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(Based on 4 Reviews)
Latest review by Prior Bike Mechanic from Indianapolis, IN on 2014-08-27

On the surface, this seems to be a great value on a tandem bike if it happens to be the size you need. And I would buy it again. But I could not give it more than 2 stars because both cranks spindles were extremely rough out of the box. The front crank spindle was installed backwards in the factory, so the crank arm was grinding against the bearing cup. Upon disassembly, I discovered one ball was missing from the bearing cage. The rear crank was also grinding, but it was because the adjustable bearing cup was over-tightened from the factory. These problems are beyond most DIY consumers, as a notched spanner wrench and other bottom bracket tools are not found in most tool boxes. I gave this as a gift, but luckily I was able to assemble it myself..

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Pacific Cycle 241123PB

Pacific Cycle 241123PB 24" Exploit Front Suspension Girl's ATB Bike in Purple Reviews

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(Based on 2 Reviews)
Latest review by J the novice biker from Clinton Utah on 2013-07-08

I rode the bike on an easy pathway and have had 3 blown out tires (same front tire) in less than 3 rides and 10 miles. We replaced the original tube with 2 new ones. Luckily were close to home and with family to help get the myself and the bike back home safely. We think it might be a bad front wheel frame..

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