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Napoleon GPF Patioflame Campfire Style Burner and Log Set Reviews

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Latest review by Luke the Puke from Huntington Beach, CA on 2012-07-26

I use the fire pit on my patio... It's a small space that I used to have a real wood burning pit in, but the smoke always made my ladies' hair smell, which meant we RARELY used it. I did a lot of research, and my biggest concerns were: * Price * efficiency * heat * versatility This guy met every one of those head on. The ceramic logs truly do radiate heat, and you feel like you're sitting in front of a real fire. I haven't turned it up all the way yet, as it hasn't been all that cold, but one of the biggest deciding factors was the heat output, as it can get chilly at night, and who wants a fire just for looks? Believe it or not, that's what MOST gas fire pits offer. To top it off, this guy SIPS gas... 60,000 btu's, but those logs... I'm telling you... means you don't have to have it at full flame to get good heat. Cost... well the other pits with NO heat cost three, four, five times as much. And let's not forget the operational costs... with it SIPPING gas like it does, the cost to .

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