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Good Directions 774

Good Directions 774 Spark Screen (Medium) Reviews

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Latest review by Sparky from North Carolina on 2010-12-27

Purchased as a replacement screen for copper firepit on back deck. It is sturdier than the original screen, which is good. Would have rated it a 5 had the lifting handles on the screen halves been placed opposite instead of on the same side. This puts both handles next to each other when open, making it very difficult to close the top section. Then, when closed, the upper section has the handle above the fire; instead it should be at the firepit edge. If there were a way to remove the hinge pins I could turn one section around, but I can't; better yet the manufacturer should assemble it right the first time..

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Good Directions 775

Good Directions 775 Spark Screen (Large) Reviews

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Latest review by LJ from Denver, CO on 2010-04-30

This screen is a big improvement over the flimsy ones that usually come with fire pits. The height allows much larger fires, which helps on cold evenings. When or if you need to remove the hot screen after it has been on the fire for a while, it is very difficult--it tends to swivel open, and it's a bit cumbersome. It's better to leave it in place, but sometimes that's not an option..

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