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Blanco Kitchen Faucet Accessory Reviews

Blanco 440035

Blanco 440035 Air Gap Stainless Steel Reviews

Average Overall Rating:
(Based on 6 Reviews)
Latest review by TruBlu JD from Sonoma, CA on 2013-05-28

Remodeling kitchen, complements other components. This a substantial piece that does not distract from other components around the kitchen sink. Yes it costs more than the plastic chrome plated pieces you see in the big box stores, but its solid brass. It doesn't perform any better than other styles, however, it does sit flush with the counter top. Buy this piece to complement your other kitchen components..

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Blanco 440036

Blanco 440036 Air Gap Polished Chrome Reviews

Average Overall Rating:
(Based on 1 Reviews)
Latest review by I hate Blanco! from Dana Point, CA on 2011-06-03

Blanco have non-existent customer service. I tried to contact them on a number of occasions over a couple of weeks and they never got back to me. They don't even put a phone number on their website. [...] The mounting hardware supplied is too short. I had to buy a special rasp and corded drill as the battery kept running out on my cordless and it wasn't powerful enough to chisel out the plywood under the counter top. With all the drill bits and parts it cost me over $100 to get this thing installed and a ridiculous amount of time chasing Blanco to supply appropriate hardware and numerous botched attempts at cutting down cheaper air gap mounting hardware. In short make sure you have an extremely thin counter top and plywood combo or forget about it. It is a real shame as the air gap is pretty attractive. I also have a Blanco sink and was extremely upset by the total indifference and lack of customer service I received from Blanco. I would never consider buying anything from them ever a.

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