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Sign Of The Crab Shower Enclosure Reviews

Sign of the Crab P0698

Sign of the Crab P0698 Side Mount Shower Enclosure Reviews

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Latest review by TCB 24/7 from Portland, OR on 2012-05-31

Converted a claw-foot tub to a shower with SOTC hardware. This enclosure looks great and the finish (polished nickel) matches the faucet perfectly. Assembly was not all that easy. You will need a hacksaw to cut the supports to size and at least one other person to support the enclosure while you mark off the locations for the wall/ceiling braces. Also, the enclosure comes in 3 pieces: two "L" shaped units and one "C" shaped unit for the front. The front piece seems like it may need a brace of its own because it's only supported on each end by two screws and is otherwise floating..

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