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Sloan Shower Head Reviews

Sloan 4021029

Sloan 4021029 Single Function Shower Head Polished Brass Reviews

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Latest review by John Handyman from Richmond, Va on 2012-02-17

1. This shower head has good pressure. 2. It has a piston that slides when the shower is started that keeps the holes that the water goes through, clean. 3. I had to clean the calcium deposits one time in 35 years. Just a quick dis-assembly (easy) and quick soak of the parts in Zap cleaner. Re-assembly was easy too. 4. Being that the shower head that I have is an older model, I really cant say how well the current model conserves water. Mine has a strong stream, and seems to use a generous amount. The current model looks exactly like mine, from what I can see. 5. The build quality of this shower head is exceptional. Even after 35 years, the chrome plating is perfect. Even the o-rings are fine. It is still pretty much like new. No pitting or anything..

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