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Butler 2544025 Metalworks Bunching Table Reviews

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Latest review by Cassie from Fort Worth, TX on 2014-06-19

Unfortunately, the pictures didn't live up to the reality. First off, this is barely concrete. It is a wood top with a ridiculously light concrete, if it is even that, layer on the top. Secondly, the metal stands/legs are not well made and the holes by which they connect to the "concrete' top are not measured correctly, are not level, and create a very uneven and unstable table. Once everything was put together, the legs look pigeoned-toed and knocked-kneed. I liked the idea of this table, especially based on its advertisements, but the reality is that it is simply cheaply made. If the company decides to create a product that actually lives up to its promises, I am interested as the design is very cool; but until then, the price is clearly not equivalent to what you get..

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