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American Standard Champion Toilet Reviews

American Standard 2034.014

American Standard 2034.014 Champion 4 One Piece Elongated Right Height Toilet less Toilet Seat Reviews

Average Overall Rating:
(Based on 66 Reviews)
Latest review by JimTPA from Tamarac, FL, United States on 2014-07-29

After reading tons of reviews, I decided on the Champion 4, right size as a replacement for the master bath.  Installation was straight forward.  Took maybe an hour or so (my first install).  You'll need to purchase the seat and wax ring separately.   The toilet flushes like a dream.  Low flow and a powerful flush.  Not one second flush required since install, which was about 2 months ago.  It is amazing how fast and effective the flush is.  Style is nice too. The only issue I have with this toilet is that it ALWAYS leaves solid waste marks in the bowl, so have your brush handy.  The reason is that the flush is so powerful and there is a reduced amout of water in the bowl.  So the force first pushes the solids up and then quickly sucks it down.  I'm sure over time AS will find a solution for future models. Meanwhile, I am very happy with the toilet overall and would recommend to friends and family..

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American Standard 2004.014

American Standard 2004.014 Champion One Piece Elongated Toilet Without Toilet Seat Reviews

Average Overall Rating:
(Based on 43 Reviews)
Latest review by mlinton from Central Kansas on 2014-07-01

We bought this toilet two months ago and we love it. easy to install, looks prestine, easy to keep clean. First one-piece toilet I have ever seen or owned. Will never go back to two piece. My only complaint was the shipping construction. Box and styrafoam were all busted up, but miraculously the toilet was unharmed. You definately need to check contents for damage before accepting. i had read that this is "standard"for American Standard. Buyer beware. Toilet is wonderful though. Uses amazingly littler water to flush. Fun to watch. Replaced working toilet that took so long and so much water to flush.....for 30 years.

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American Standard 2018.214

American Standard 2018.214 Champion 4 Two Piece Elongated Reviews

Average Overall Rating:
(Based on 7 Reviews)
Latest review by Happy Flusher from Columbus Ohio on 2011-04-06

This toilet is un-pluggable. I can now remove the plungers that are currently in everyone of my bathrooms because of my kids and clogging.

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American Standard 2023.214

American Standard 2023.214 Champion 4 Two Piece Round Front Reviews

Average Overall Rating:
(Based on 2 Reviews)
Latest review by cher3104 from kentucky on 2008-07-15

I have twin boys and every time they use bathroom I have had to scoop out everything in a double bag and take to the trash. I have never seen a product work so well. Now I am trying to find another one just like it for my other bath room. I just bought it two months ago now I can not find another one with round bowl right height anywhere all i find is elongate. help.

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