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TOTO Maris Toilet Reviews


TOTO CST484CEMFG Maris Closed Coupled Two Piece Toilet in White with SanaGloss Reviews

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(Based on 2 Reviews)
Latest review by TotoDoesntFlush from Fairfax, VA on 2013-03-21

We purchased (not from this vendor) this for our powder room with the intention of purchasing two more for our bathrooms. Glad we just bought the one. Works great if all you want is urinal! But you better use it for SOLID waste! Even after several flushes you have to get out the plunger to clear it. Due to the design on bowl most plungers don't fit it very well so you may get wet. It really needs a power assist to flush. I'm contacting Toto to see if there is a another tank with a flush assist that can replace the standard tank. But I won't be purchasing another one of these!! The SanaGloss finish is a joke as well. As others have said you have to clean it after every use. There is just no power behind the flush. It does look very nice but if it doesn't flush it just an over priced piece of junk..

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TOTO CWT486MFG-2 Maris Wall Hung Dual Flush Toilet and In-Wall Tank System in White with Copper Supply Line Reviews

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(Based on 1 Reviews)
Latest review by Roxana from Washington, DC on 2013-10-31

I got this system initially for my guest bathroom which is very narrow. I am really pleased on how it looks and it was a great choice. After having a successful installation we decided to install one in our master bathroom too. We had no problems with it since the installation ( approximately 6+ months ago)..

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