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Hinkley Lighting LANDSCAPE ACCENT Accent Light Reviews

Hinkley Lighting 1520

Hinkley Lighting 1520 50 Watt Flood Light Bronze, Accent Light Reviews

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Latest review by ElSupremo from Ormond Beach, FL on 2011-08-25

We have used Hinkley lights for eight years at our prior home and now here in Florida. The prior models experienced a separation of the powder coating from the metal base--possibly from the sulfur withn the water from the irrigation system.It would be helpful if the manufacturer would supply approximately 6 inches more wiring with each light, to allow for raising the fixture on a metal conduit over a flower or hedge.Finally, the connections to #12 wiring has always eventually worked loose and I think the new circle attachments at [...] may solve the concern. If nothing else, it makes the connection easier.

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