Duravit Starck Tub Reviews

Duravit 700012000000090

Duravit 700012000000090 Starck 74" Oval Bath Tub Reviews

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Latest review by StudioFlavia.com from Philadelphia/New York on 2008-12-10

Roomy floaty feel for two people VERY comfortble, retains heat well, easy to clean with windex or any window-glass spray liquid. Pictured tub is the one person version, mine 74" x 35 " approx has raised rim on both ends of tub. Takes up less floor space than it's outside dimensions due to the slight slope of the integral panel. I use the tub often, and even fill it with floating flowers and candles during parties. I do not like to see the chunky chrome overflow so I installed the tub flipped around, ie so the overflow side of the tub is closest to the approach leaving the far side clean and visually uninterrupted. Slightly too big for one person bathing often, as it's a bit too wide side to side for a 5.5 average woman, BUT kids LOVE IT! Smaller version is plenty big for most users, still very beautiful and deep enough to hold an occasional buddy, It's just that i wanted LOTS of LUXURY..

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