Recessed Ceiling Lights

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WAC Lighting HR-LED232R-C WAC Lighting HR-LED232R-C LEDme 1 Light 2" 4500k Adjustable LED Down Lighting Miniature Recessed
From: $81.00
WAC Lighting HR-2LED-H09D-ICA WAC Lighting HR-2LED-H09D-ICA Tesla 2" 120V Output LED Recessed Lighting
From: $117.00
Quorum International 9825-06 Quorum International 9825-06 8" 1 Light Metal Recessed Lighting Trim with Albalite Glass
From: $11.60
WAC Lighting HR-3LED-T318F-35 WAC Lighting HR-3LED-T318F-35 Tesla 3-1/2" 3500K High Output LED 50 Degree Beam Recessed Downlight with 0 to 30 Degree ....
From: $180.00
Eurofase Lighting TE162 Eurofase Lighting TE162 6-1/4" 2 Light Multiple Recessed Light
From: $138.00
WAC Lighting HR-3LED-R18D-A WAC Lighting HR-3LED-R18D-A Tesla LED 3" Remodel Housing in Black
From: $99.00
Eurofase Lighting TE111 Eurofase Lighting TE111 6-1/2" 1 Light Multiple Recessed Lighting
From: $92.00
WAC Lighting HR-3LD-ET118F-35 WAC Lighting HR-3LD-ET118F-35 Tesla 3-1/2" Output LED Recessed Downlight Open Reflector Round
From: $162.00
Swarovski A9945NR1000 Swarovski A9945NR1000 StarLED Alpha 3400K 6 Light LED Lighting
From: $1,485.00
Eurofase Lighting TE161 Eurofase Lighting TE161 6-1/2" 1 Light Multiple Recessed Light
From: $84.00
Eurofase Lighting TH-G23-49 Eurofase Lighting TH-G23-49 6" 1 Light Recessed Conversion Kit in White/Chrome
From: $26.00
Quorum International 9831-06 Quorum International 9831-06 8" 1 Light Plastic Recessed Lighting Trim with Drop Opal Lexan Lens
From: $9.50
WAC Lighting HR-3LED-T518N-W WAC Lighting HR-3LED-T518N-W Tesla LED 3" Wallwasher Square Trim Warm Light
From: $180.00
Designers Fountain RT4741 Designers Fountain RT4741 LED Recessed 4" Magnetic Trim
From: $10.35
Eurofase Lighting HG-4PR Eurofase Lighting HG-4PR 4" Par Retrofit Halogen Housing
From: $23.00
Eurofase Lighting GU3-00 Eurofase Lighting GU3-00 3" Retrofit Halogen Housing
From: $26.00
Designers Fountain RT6741 Designers Fountain RT6741 LED Recessed 6" Magnetic Trim
From: $10.35
WAC Lighting HR-2LED-T109F-27 WAC Lighting HR-2LED-T109F-27 Tesla 2" 2700K High Output LED 45 Degree Beam Recessed Lighting with Open Reflector Round....
From: $144.00
Designers Fountain LED4742-WH Designers Fountain LED4742-WH 4" LED Recessed Retrofit Gimbal Trim in White
From: $95.50
Eurofase Lighting TE211LED Eurofase Lighting TE211LED LED 1 Light Multiple Trimless Recessed Light
From: $258.00
Eurofase Lighting TE213 Eurofase Lighting TE213 4" 3 Light Multiple Trimless Recessed Light
From: $224.00
Progress Lighting P8071 Progress Lighting P8071 6" Open LED Trim Recessed Light
From: $90.00
WAC Lighting HR-LED309-NIC-W WAC Lighting HR-LED309-NIC-W 3" New Construction 3000k IC LED Housing
From: $162.00
Eurofase Lighting TE131 Eurofase Lighting TE131 7-3/4" 1 Light Multiple Recessed Light
From: $102.00
Eurofase Lighting TE164B Eurofase Lighting TE164B 10-1/2" 4 Light Square Multiple Recessed Light
From: $246.00
CSL Lighting 700 CSL Lighting 700 Jewel 3.6 Adjustable Elbow Wall
From: $52.00
Spotlite USA 41021 Spotlite USA 41021 5/6" Retrofit Recessed Downlight
From: $44.37
Eurofase Lighting TE133 Eurofase Lighting TE133 7-3/4" 3 Light Multiple Recessed Light
From: $226.00
WAC Lighting HR-LED418-R-W WAC Lighting HR-LED418-R-W 4" 3000k Non-IC Remodel LED Housing
From: $162.00
WAC Lighting HR-3LED-T518N-C WAC Lighting HR-3LED-T518N-C Tesla 3-1/2" Energy Star LED Square Recessed Trim Light
From: $180.00
Eurofase Lighting TE112LED Eurofase Lighting TE112LED 6-1/2" LED 2 Light Multiple Recessed Lighting
From: $320.00
CSL Lighting DXIC CSL Lighting DXIC Jewel 3.6 1 Light Insulated Housing Recessed Can Light with Integral Electronic Tranformer
From: $128.00
Spotlite USA 41022 Spotlite USA 41022 6" Retrofit Recessed Downlight
From: $55.08
WAC Lighting R-603D-R-ICA WAC Lighting R-603D-R-ICA IC Remodel Housing
From: $23.50
Eurofase Lighting TE214BTR Eurofase Lighting TE214BTR 6-1/3" 4 Light Multiple Trimless Recessed Light with Transformer
From: $480.00
Designers Fountain CAT7LICRAT Designers Fountain CAT7LICRAT 6" LED Remodel Housing
From: $19.00
Eurofase Lighting GUI4-00 Eurofase Lighting GUI4-00 4" Insulated Halogen Housing
From: $44.00
CSL Lighting EDL-2200 CSL Lighting EDL-2200 Eco Downlight 3" LED Energy Star Square Shower Trim
From: $48.00
Eurofase Lighting 21868-016 Eurofase Lighting 21868-016 8" 24W 1 Light Gimbal LED Recessed Lighting in White
From: $440.00
Progress Lighting P832-LED Progress Lighting P832-LED Recessed 5-1/2" LED Housing
From: $37.62
Sea Gull Lighting 1151AT-14 Sea Gull Lighting 1151AT-14 6" Baffle Recessed Trim in White Trim / Baffle
From: $12.00
WAC Lighting HR-2LED-T709N-W WAC Lighting HR-2LED-T709N-W Telsa 2 LED Square Open Reflector Downlight
From: $144.00
WAC Lighting HR-2LED-R09D-A WAC Lighting HR-2LED-R09D-A Tesla 2" 120V Remodel Output LED Recessed Lighting
From: $99.00
WAC Lighting HR-LED271R-35 WAC Lighting HR-LED271R-35 3500K 2" LEDme Recessed Downlight Open Reflector Square Trim with Remote Transformer
From: $72.00
Spotlite USA 41020 Spotlite USA 41020 4" Retrofit Recessed Downlight
From: $41.31