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New Chandeliers

1,369 Products
JVI Designs 3031 JVI Designs 3031 Globe 4 Light Chandelier
From: $300.00
JVI Designs 3032 JVI Designs 3032 Globe 5 Light Chandelier
From: $360.00
Jeremiah Lighting 36129-ABZ Jeremiah Lighting 36129-ABZ Thornton 9 Light Chandelier in Aged Bronze
From: $666.00
JVI Designs 3030 JVI Designs 3030 Globe 3 Light Chandelier
From: $220.00
Savoy House 1-2501-8-42 Savoy House 1-2501-8-42 Nouvel 8 Light Oval Chandelier in Galaxy Bronze
From: $798.00
Artcraft AC10015 Artcraft AC10015 Castello 22-1/2" 4 Light Chandelier in Black
From: $393.00
Quoizel ER5103BN Quoizel ER5103BN Emery 3 Light Chandelier in Brushed Nickel
From: $379.99
Artcraft AC10138 Artcraft AC10138 Madison 8 Light Chandelier in Silver Leaf
From: $1,312.00
Artcraft AC10005 Artcraft AC10005 Melno Park 28-3/4" 6 Light Chandelier in Dark Chocolate
From: $559.00
Metropolitan N6995-613-L Metropolitan N6995-613-L Winter Solstice Chandelier in Polished Nickel
From: $2,385.00
Feiss F2918-3BS Feiss F2918-3BS Aveline 3 Light Chandelier in Brushed Steel
From: $279.00
Jeremiah Lighting 35726-TB Jeremiah Lighting 35726-TB Ridgelea 6 Light Chandelier in Textured Black
From: $354.00
Currey and Company 9515 Currey and Company 9515 Shelly 4 Light Chandelier
From: $1,350.00
James Moder 93740S James Moder 93740S Bel-Air 12 Light Chandelier in Silver
From: $2,036.00
Vaxcel H0049 Vaxcel H0049 Simone 4 Light Chandelier in Venetian Bronze
From: $399.60
Jeremiah Lighting 24212-MB Jeremiah Lighting 24212-MB Barrett Place 12 Light Chandelier in Mocha Bronze
From: $754.00
Artcraft CL1358 Artcraft CL1358 Scarlet 8 Light Chandelier
From: $507.00
Fredrick Ramond FR45604FBZ Fredrick Ramond FR45604FBZ Mime 36" 4 Light Chandelier in French Bronze
From: $639.00
Van Teal 800450 Van Teal 800450 Free Wheeling 3 Light Wheels and Wheels Chandelier in Golden Ochre
From: $825.00
Van Teal 450750 Van Teal 450750 Sterling 8 Light Zeus Chandelier in Ancient Leaf Silver
From: $2,197.80
Jeremiah Lighting 35925 Jeremiah Lighting 35925 Timarron 5 Light Down Lighting Chandelier in Aged Bronze
From: $306.00
Vaxcel H0043 Vaxcel H0043 Canvas 4 Light Chandelier in Venetian Bronze
From: $398.00
American Brass & Crystal CH6512-O-08G-PI-CF American Brass & Crystal CH6512-O-08G-PI-CF Llydia 6 Light Chandelier in Silver with Clear Crystal and Crystal Frost Hardback Shape
From: $948.00
Artcraft SC992 Artcraft SC992 Paris 2 Light Chandelier in Chrome
From: $323.00
Feiss F2922-5 Feiss F2922-5 Lismore 5 Light Chandelier
From: $459.00
Feiss F2942-6 Feiss F2942-6 Marquise 6 Light Chandelier
From: $999.00
Van Teal 801850 Van Teal 801850 Impressionist 5 Light Camille Chandelier in Silver Jacobean / Cafe Noir
From: $1,097.80
Quoizel KY5506IB Quoizel KY5506IB Kyle 6 Light Chandelier in Imperial Bronze
From: $597.99
Van Teal 471950 Van Teal 471950 Impressionist 8 Light Reggie Chandelier in Matte Black
From: $1,647.80
Feiss F2928-2BS Feiss F2928-2BS Fording 2 Light Chandelier in Brushed Steel
From: $539.00
Gallery Lighting 7002-6 Gallery Lighting 7002-6 6 Light Crystal Chandelier
From: $203.04
Artcraft AC1430BZ Artcraft AC1430BZ Estate 3 Light Chandelier in Dark Bronze
From: $411.00
Van Teal 774150 Van Teal 774150 Free Wheeling 6 Light Wheels of Style Chandelier in Brilliant Silver
From: $1,317.80
Vaxcel VE-CHU009TZ Vaxcel VE-CHU009TZ Versailles 9 Light Chandelier in Tuscan Bronze
From: $960.00
Quoizel GRT5103BN Quoizel GRT5103BN Grant 3 Light Chandelier in Brushed Nickel
From: $369.99
Van Teal 800350 Van Teal 800350 Brazillian Nights 5 Light Copa Cabana Chandelier in Copper Black
From: $1,097.80
Van Teal 804250 Van Teal 804250 Glace 1 Light Monaco Chandelier in Canopy-Caramel
From: $547.80
Savoy House 1-8903-6-41 Savoy House 1-8903-6-41 Kelsey 6 Light Chandelier in Durango
From: $518.00
Jeremiah Lighting 36528-TBWB Jeremiah Lighting 36528-TBWB Ashwood 8 Light Chandelier in Textured Black/Whiskey Barrel
From: $1,280.00
Jeremiah Lighting 27326-ATL Jeremiah Lighting 27326-ATL Zoe 6 Light Chandelier in Antique Linen
From: $470.00
Jeremiah Lighting 37326 Jeremiah Lighting 37326 Lisbon 6 Light Chandelier
From: $600.00
Jeremiah Lighting 36124-ABZ Jeremiah Lighting 36124-ABZ Thornton 4 Light Up Lighting Chandelier in Aged Bronze
From: $328.00
Jeremiah Lighting 35226-AWBD Jeremiah Lighting 35226-AWBD Rosedale 6 Light Chandelier in Antique White and Bronze Distrissed
From: $420.00
Jeremiah Lighting 35129-WP Jeremiah Lighting 35129-WP Winton 9 Light Chandelier in Weathered Pine
From: $620.00
Quoizel PLR5005PN Quoizel PLR5005PN Palmer 5 Light Chandelier in Palladian Bronze
From: $299.99