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New Chandeliers

1,731 Products
Crystorama 8005-PN Crystorama 8005-PN Mirage 3 Light Mini Chandelier in Polished Nickel
From: $578.00
World Imports WI824637 World Imports WI824637 Bayonne 6 Light Chandelier in Brushed Nickel
From: $417.88
Van Teal 790250 Van Teal 790250 On 8 Light Extravaganza Chandelier in Brilliant Silver
From: $1,647.80
Hudson Valley Lighting 9916 Hudson Valley Lighting 9916 Bari 16 Light Chandelier
From: $1,990.00
Crystorama 1570-CH Crystorama 1570-CH Flow I 1 Light Mini Chandelier in Chrome
From: $458.00
Van Teal 667250 Van Teal 667250 Bolero 8 Light Brahms Chandelier in Silver and Gold Leaf
From: $2,747.80
World Imports WI8001885 World Imports WI8001885 Chaumont 8 Light Medium Chandelier in Textured Rust
From: $435.78
Jeremiah Lighting 35726-TB Jeremiah Lighting 35726-TB Ridgelea 6 Light Chandelier in Textured Black
From: $354.00
Vaxcel VE-CHU009TZ Vaxcel VE-CHU009TZ Versailles 9 Light Chandelier in Tuscan Bronze
From: $960.00
Van Teal 450750 Van Teal 450750 Sterling 8 Light Zeus Chandelier in Ancient Leaf Silver
From: $2,197.80
Crystorama 136-VZ Crystorama 136-VZ Calypso 6 Light Crystal Teardrop Chandelier in Vibrant Bronze
From: $998.00
Kichler 43462SMG Kichler 43462SMG Kambry 4 Light Mini Chandelier in Smokey Gray
From: $136.62
Sea Gull Lighting 3190406-715 Sea Gull Lighting 3190406-715 Sfera 6 Light 1 Tier Chandelier in Autumn Bronze with Cafe Tint Glass
From: $450.00
Crystorama 273-BS Crystorama 273-BS Eva 1 Light Jute Thread Bead Mini Chandelier in Burnished Silver
From: $378.00
Crystorama 277-BS Crystorama 277-BS Eva 3 Light Jute Thread Bead Chandelier in Burnished Silver
From: $450.00
World Imports WI374634 World Imports WI374634 Brondy 6 Light Chandelier in Aged Ebony
From: $192.78
Metropolitan N9219 Metropolitan N9219 Arabella 16 Light Chandelier in Chrome
From: $4,485.00
Hudson Valley Lighting 3006-PN Hudson Valley Lighting 3006-PN Waterloo 9 Light Chandelier in Polished Nickel
From: $1,392.00
James Moder 91958S James Moder 91958S Baroness 8 Light Chandelier in Silver
From: $1,100.00
Gallery Lighting 7002-6 Gallery Lighting 7002-6 6 Light Crystal Chandelier
From: $203.04
World Imports WI75162 World Imports WI75162 Berkeley Square 5 Light Chandelier in Weathered Bronze with Scavo Glass Shade
From: $273.78
Van Teal 800450 Van Teal 800450 Free Wheeling 3 Light Wheels and Wheels Chandelier in Golden Ochre
From: $825.00
Stilnovo UR901 Stilnovo UR901 Orgasma 18 Light Chandelier in Silver
From: $222.00
World Imports WI724689 World Imports WI724689 Pavia 6 Light Chandelier in Antique Bronze
From: $322.38
Kichler 42708OZ Kichler 42708OZ Lucien 6 Light Chandelier in Olde Bronze
From: $326.70
Sea Gull Lighting 31585-710 Sea Gull Lighting 31585-710 Ellington 18 Light 2 Tier Chandelier in Burnt Sienna
From: $998.00
Jeremiah Lighting 37326 Jeremiah Lighting 37326 Lisbon 6 Light Chandelier
From: $600.00
Sea Gull Lighting 3140405 Sea Gull Lighting 3140405 Driscoll 5 Light 1 Tier Chandelier
From: $230.00
James Moder 91960G James Moder 91960G Baroness 12 Light Chandelier in 24K Gold
From: $1,598.00
Artcraft AC10005 Artcraft AC10005 Melno Park 28-3/4" 6 Light Chandelier in Dark Chocolate
From: $559.00
World Imports WI374934 World Imports WI374934 Brondy 9 Light Chandelier in Aged Ebony
From: $241.38
Kichler 43057OZ Kichler 43057OZ Braelyn 3 Light Chandelier in Olde Bronze
From: $247.50
Crystorama 8105-PN Crystorama 8105-PN Paxton 4 Light Mini Chandelier in Polished Nickel
From: $578.00
Van Teal 800350 Van Teal 800350 Brazillian Nights 5 Light Copa Cabana Chandelier in Copper Black
From: $1,097.80
Stilnovo LS775S12 Stilnovo LS775S12 Spider 12 Light Chandelier
From: $795.00
Artcraft AC1430BZ Artcraft AC1430BZ Estate 3 Light Chandelier in Dark Bronze
From: $411.00
World Imports WI262024 World Imports WI262024 Olympus Tradition 21 Light Chandelier in Crackled Bronze with Silver
From: $776.07
Metropolitan N6995-613-L Metropolitan N6995-613-L Winter Solstice Chandelier in Polished Nickel
From: $2,385.00
Artcraft CL1358 Artcraft CL1358 Scarlet 8 Light Chandelier
From: $507.00
Kichler 42548OZ Kichler 42548OZ Triad 23"H 3 Light Chandelier Linear in Olde Bronze
From: $968.22
American Brass & Crystal CH6512-O-08G-PI-CF American Brass & Crystal CH6512-O-08G-PI-CF Llydia 6 Light Chandelier in Silver with Clear Crystal and Crystal Frost Hardback Shape
From: $948.00
Van Teal 804250 Van Teal 804250 Glace 1 Light Monaco Chandelier in Canopy-Caramel
From: $547.80
Hudson Valley Lighting 9912 Hudson Valley Lighting 9912 Bari 12 Light Chandelier
From: $1,500.00
Crystorama 4534-EB Crystorama 4534-EB Fillmore 3 Light Mini Chandelier in English Bronze
From: $124.20
Sea Gull Lighting 31331-715 Sea Gull Lighting 31331-715 Warwick 6 Light Chandelier in Autumn Bronze
From: $366.00