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Carry Ons

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Victorinox Swiss Army 31303100 Victorinox Swiss Army 31303100 CH-97 2.0 22" Wheeled Carry-On in Purple
From: $249.99
SwissGear 7317002011177 SwissGear 7317002011177 28" Expandable Spinner in Black with Red
From: $88.34
Victorinox Swiss Army 3131510 Victorinox Swiss Army 3131510 Avolve 2.0 22" Expandable Wheeled Carry-On
From: $249.99
Beverly Hills Country Club BH270028 Beverly Hills Country Club BH270028 29" Spinner Luggage
From: $84.99
Traveler's Choice TS6950 Traveler's Choice TS6950 Amsterdam 25" Expandable Rolling Upright
From: $42.49
Traveler's Choice TC5800 Traveler's Choice TC5800 New Luxembourg 4 Pieces Expandable Hard-sided Luggage Set
From: $237.99
Traveler's Choice TC2400 Traveler's Choice TC2400 Freedom 29" Lightweight Hard-shell Spinner Upright
From: $84.99
Traveler's Choice TC8000 Traveler's Choice TC8000 Sedona 100% Pure Polycarbonate 3 Piece Expandable Spinner Luggage
From: $280.49
Briggs & Riley TU229SPX Briggs & Riley TU229SPX Large Expandable Upright Spinner
From: $429.00
Travelpro 4071222-01 Travelpro 4071222-01 22" Expandable Rollaboard Suiter in Black
From: $186.99
Wenger 72012226 Wenger 72012226 24" Hardside Luggage Spinner in Black
From: $96.49
SwissGear 7317002011167 SwissGear 7317002011167 24" Expandable Spinner in Black with Red
From: $74.75
Traveler's Choice TS6950 Traveler's Choice TS6950 Amsterdam 29" Expandable Rolling Upright
From: $50.99
SwissGear 7211434156 SwissGear 7211434156 20" Spinner
From: $61.16
Victorinox Swiss Army 323407 Victorinox Swiss Army 323407 Lexicon 27" Expandable 8-Wheel Upright
From: $549.99
Wenger 7362 Wenger 7362 24-1/2" Monte Leone Spinner
From: $88.34
Traveler's Choice TC3300 Traveler's Choice TC3300 Toronto 29" Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage
From: $101.99
Traveler's Choice TC5100 Traveler's Choice TC5100 El Dorado 21" Expandable Carry-On Luggage
From: $67.99
Travelpro 4071228-05 Travelpro 4071228-05 28" Expandable Rollaboard Suiter in Titanium
From: $246.49
French West Indies 2568838156 French West Indies 2568838156 20" Lightweight Carry-On Spinner Suitcase in Fuchsia
From: $84.00
French West Indies 2538909156 French West Indies 2538909156 20" Carry-On Spinner Suitcase in Purple Drift
From: $53.76
Loudmouth Luggage LM09004MW22 Loudmouth Luggage LM09004MW22 Microwave 22" Expandable Carry On Spinner in Orange/Blue
From: $89.99
SwissGear 7211434167 SwissGear 7211434167 24" Spinner
From: $69.31
baggallini RTC269BB baggallini RTC269BB Rolling Tote Crinkle Bag in Black/Black
From: $149.95
Victorinox Swiss Army 31300301 Victorinox Swiss Army 31300301 Werks Traveler 4.0 27" Expandable Wheeled Upright in Black/Black
From: $399.99
Wenger 7208 Wenger 7208 24" Lightweight Luggage Spinner
From: $108.72
Briggs & Riley TU222XSS Briggs & Riley TU222XSS Transcend Newly Redesigned 22" Carry on Expandable Upright in Sunset
From: $369.00
Royce Leather 659 Royce Leather 659 "Fletcher" Carry-On All Leather Suiter
From: $346.50
Travelpro 4071261-05 Travelpro 4071261-05 21" Expandable Spinner Suiter in Titanium
From: $195.49
Loudmouth Luggage LM09004CT22 Loudmouth Luggage LM09004CT22 Captain Thunderbolt 22" Expandable Carry On Spinner in Multi Color
From: $89.99
Victorinox Swiss Army 323406 Victorinox Swiss Army 323406 Lexicon 24" Expandable 8-Wheel Upright
From: $499.99
Traveler's Choice TC8500 Traveler's Choice TC8500 Cape Verde 3 Piece Hardsided Ultra Lightweight Luggage Set
From: $169.99
BMW Luggage 2800202181 BMW Luggage 2800202181 29" Split Case Spinner in Black
From: $495.00
Loudmouth Luggage LM09004CT18 Loudmouth Luggage LM09004CT18 Captain Thunderbolt 18" Expandable Rolling Luggage in Multi Color
From: $69.99
Wenger 7208 Wenger 7208 20" Lightweight Luggage Spinner
From: $115.52
Beverly Hills Country Club BH680021 Beverly Hills Country Club BH680021 Malibu 21" Hardside Spinner Carry On
From: $67.99
Travelpro 4071299-01 Travelpro 4071299-01 29" Expandable Hardside Spinner in Black
From: $288.99
SwissGear 729701 SwissGear 729701 20" Expandable Spinner
From: $61.16
Briggs & Riley TU222XRF Briggs & Riley TU222XRF Transcend Newly Redesigned 22" Carry on Expandable Upright in Rainforest
From: $369.00
Travelpro 4071220-05 Travelpro 4071220-05 20" Expandable Business Plus Rollaboard in Titanium
From: $169.99
Traveler's Choice TC8300 Traveler's Choice TC8300 Voyager 25" Expandable Wheeled Upright
From: $50.99
Victorinox Swiss Army 31300206 Victorinox Swiss Army 31300206 Werks Traveler 4.0 24" Expandable Wheeled Upright in Emerald/Black
From: $369.99
Victorinox Swiss Army 3130210 Victorinox Swiss Army 3130210 Werks Traveler 4.0 22" Dual-Caster Luggage
From: $349.99
Loudmouth Luggage LM09004CT28 Loudmouth Luggage LM09004CT28 Captain Thunderbolt 29" Expandable Spinner in Multi Color
From: $109.99
Briggs & Riley U128SPX Briggs & Riley U128SPX Large Expandable Spinner
From: $569.00

Carry ons have literally changed the way people fly. By eliminating the need to check baggage, carry ons ensure a quicker travel experience and a greater guarantee of satisfaction, mainly through the elimination of luggage-loss risk. But there’s a wonderful variety to be found in these ergonomic luggage companions. There’s durability, visibility and capacity to be considered, so put up that tray table, buckle that seat belt and prepare for a high altitude shopping experience.

We call them “carry ons” because they fit a certain criteria found in most airports and airlines. They allow us to forego the checking of our baggage, which makes the check-in process at the airport infinitely quicker, if not completely unnecessary. The time saved and stress lessened makes these little beauties worth their weight in gold (which, by the way, is a color option).

When searching for a suitable carry on, a few things should be considered. Not least among them is appearance. You’re going to be parading through the airport with this thing, so it might as well say something about you. Fortunately, carry ons come in a host of colors, shapes and appearances, so finding one that says “you” shouldn’t be a complicated task. The uniqueness of your carry on will also make it easier to keep track of.

The size – or capacity – of the carry ons you are considering is also important to keep in mind. Selecting the right one in this regard largely comes down to how you travel and if you are going to be checking any other larger luggage. If everything you need is to fit in this one piece of luggage, take an inventory of what you expect to pack and then match that load with a carry on that will accommodate.

The beauty of carry ons is their portability. Just about all of them feature wheels or castors and a telescoping handle for easy maneuverability down those long, crowded terminals. Pay attention to the construction of the luggage pieces you are searching for. Some carry ons have a hard shell, which will do a better job of protecting the contents. This also means they can expand to allow for an oversized load, however. Know your needs and have fun on your next journey with your new carry on!