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Pearl bath products are now part of the MAAX collection of bathroom products. From the traditional Pearl tubs to luxurious Pearl whirlpools complete with Thermazone heat therapy and AromaScents aromatherapy options, the Pearl series of tubs has everything you need for relaxing and rejuvenating spa therapy in the comfort of your own home. Wash away “one of those days” in one of the many Pearl tubs designed to do just that.

Pearl bath products rely on hydrotherapy to heal, purify and sooth your body and mind with water. Pearl whirlpools have been shown to improve blood floow, stimulate the nervous system for relieving tension and fatigue, and improve cardiovascular function – not to mention the ultimate in relaxation for your soul!

Select a Pearl bath from either the classic Pearl series or the designer Pearl series, and enjoy the True Whirlpool effect of strategically placed jets to create a cushion of waves around your body and relieve pressure on your muscles and joints. Many Pearl tubs can also include optional features like the Thermazone heat therapy to sooth your aching back and neck, or AromaScents to help you unwind after a long day with a refreshing hint of scent.

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