Noritz IKWV4TH 4" Isolator Expansion Pressure Relief Valves

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Noritz IKWV4TH Details
Noritz 4" Isolator Expansion Pressure Relief Valves

The Isolator Valve Kit is highly recommended when installing a Noritz 531, 631, 751 or 841 Series Tankless Water Heater. Valve handles are positioned for easy access and operation, even in a recess box installation. Easy access full port drain valve assures effective system maintenance (pressure relief valve included).

Key Features

  • Water Input and Output shutoff valves
  • Service ports for system flushing
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Set of two
IKWV4TH Specifications

Connection Type: NPT (Threaded)
Piping Connections - Water: 3/4"

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