Maax OPT20139 Ozonator Series Tub Accessory


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Maax Ozonator Series Tub Accessory

Ozone is the Earth's natural way to purify the air and water from their toxins. Bringing these same natural purification benefits to the bath, MAAX introduces a NEW Ozonator for Whirlpool System in keeping with its promise to design innovative customer solutions. This technology neutralizes unhealthy microorganisms like bacteria and mold, thus making your bathing experience safe and fresh. It works by converting oxygen into ozone gas. When an air stream passes through a corona discharge lamp ozone is created. The airflow created by the whirlpool pump creates suction, drawing oxygen through the ozonator. The oxygen is then transformed into ozone and added to the water, where it dissolves. Ozone has been a proven sanitation solution since 1906 and is widely used in pool and spa water purification, drinking water and waste water purification, meat processing and air freshening. Ozone is a natural gas that has a fresh scent, like after a rainstorm, and keeps water clean and sparkling clear.

Through natural purification, safe for both humans and the environment, ozone cleans water without leaving any harsh chemical residues. Ozone reduces maintenance time and cost by keeping the bath clean thus prolonging equipment life. This factory-installed system automatically starts when the whirlpool system is on and works while the user enjoys a bath.

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