LG LDF8072ST Fully Integrated Steam Dishwasher in Stainless Steel

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LG LDF8072ST Details
LG Fully Integrated Steam Dishwasher in Stainless Steel

The LDF7932ST is a high-end dishwasher with a wide range of features, including steam washing and a self-cleaning filter. We found it had excellent performance.

Key Features

  • Front - The stainless steel front of the washer does show the inevitable fingerprints and dirt rather too easily
  • Efficiency - The LG LDF7932ST used a little more water and electricity than other dishwashers we've tested
  • Electricity Use - The LG LDF7932ST used, on average, between 0.52 kW for the quick wash to just over 1 kW for the Power Scrub cycle. That's a little less than some of the other washers out there, but the LG makes up for its electricity savings by using more hot water
  • Water Use - This is one thirsty dishwasher, using around the same amount of water for a normal wash as one of the heavy-duty cycles. That's unusual, but may explain its good performance on the normal cycle and the less-than-stellar cleaning when set to heavy-duty
  • Washing Speed - The LG LDF7932ST's wash cycle times ranged from over three hours for a heavy-duty cycle to a mere 49 minutes for the steam fresh cycle. The "quick" wash may be a bit of a misnomer, taking 1 hour and 18 minutes to barely remove any stains from dishes
  • Washing Cycles - The LG LDF7932ST offers a wide range of washing cycles, from the intense power scrub to the quick cycle. This range of cycles should cover pretty much every use for this washer
  • Controls - The controls for this washer are all located on the top of the door, so the door has to be open to see them. This puts the controls out of sight for most users (you might glimpse them if your counter top is thinner than most), but makes them easy to get to: you just select your wash cycle and options with the door open, and the wash starts when you close the door
  • Lower Dish Rack - The lower dish rack slides out onto the open door, and offers six rows of tines to hold the dishes. The front rows can be removed, while the middle rows are adjustable, with 5 positions. The removable front row also leaves more room for larger dishes, such as pans and serving bowls, that need extra washing from the steam feature this washer offers. To use this, the dishes have to be placed in the front left corner of the rack
  • Upper Dish Rack - The upper dish rack is designed for items that are not as heavily stained, such as cups, saucers and glasses. It offers 4 rows of times, the left pair of which can be adjusted to 5 different positions or lowered out of the way. On the right side of the rack are two stemware holders that can hold up to 10 glasses, or which can be folded out of the way. This rack can be set to two heights by lifting or lowering the levers on the right side, but the height adjustment is only a couple of inches, which doesn't provide much extra room. One issue that we did find was that one of the adjustable tines tended to get loose, so it would fall over when we were loading, spilling the dishes. We were able to fix this by bending the end lever that holds the tines in place, but it is something to watch out for
  • Cutlery Holder - The cutlery holder is a standard design, with three compartments and cutlery holders on top of all of them. It is located in the bottom rack, but it can be used on either rack although the upper rack has to be lowered to fit the handle in. This does provide some extra flexibility
  • Detergent Dispenser - The detergent dispenser is on the inside of the door, with a single lid that covers the detergent compartment for the main wash. If you want a pre-wash, you just put more detergent in a depression in the top of this lid. The rinse aid dispenser is next to this
  • Ease of Use - We found the LG LDF7932ST to be a very simple to use dishwasher, with a straightforward design. The real control buttons are easier to use and more tactile than the touch controls used on many other washers, and would be easier for someone with limited mobility or vision to use
  • Noise - The LG LDF7932ST is a very quiet washer, with only a moderate whooshing sound during the wash and a quiet gurgle when the pump is running to drain it. Neither noise was particularly intrusive in tests
  • Features - Interestingly, the LG LDF7932ST featured a steam wash for cleaning fragile dishes and stemware. Unfortunately, we found the adjustable tines of the top rack couldn't hold more than a few dishes before collapsing, a frustrating design flaw
LDF8072ST Specifications

Adjustable Lower Rack: Yes
Adjustable Upper Rack: Yes
China/Delicates Cycle: Yes
Decibel Level: 50 dBA
Delay Start: Yes
Depth: 24-5/8
Energy Star Compliance: Yes
Energy Use: 294.0 KWh
Extra Rinse Cycle: Yes
Finish: Stainless Steel
Hard Food Disposer: Yes
Heated Dry: Yes
Heavy Duty/Pots and Pans Wash Cycle: Yes
Height: 33-5/8
Normal Wash Cycle: Yes
NSF Certified Sanitize Wash Cycle: Yes
Number of Automatic Cycles: 7
Quick/Light Wash Cycle: Yes
Spray/Wash Levels: 5
Tub Type: Tall Tub
Width: 23-3/4

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