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About KOHLER Co.

For over 100 years Kohler has been an industry leader when it comes to technology and design. Kohler’s home fixture products boast cutting edge designs, lifelong quality and amazing functionality. Additionally their products are affordable and environmentally friendly. Kohler is one of the largest privately owned companies in the world with 50 worldwide manufacturers and over 30,000 associates. The company believes in giving back to local communities and has donated thousands of products over the years to Habitat for Humanity and other organizations.

Kohler toilets are top quality and come in numerous one and two piece designs. Adding style and great functionality to your bathroom, Kohler toilets come in a variety of colors and offer some of the best flushing performance models in the industry.

Kohler Sinks are stylish and practical. Whether you want an elegant pedestal sink, a sculpted table top basin or a traditional drop in style, Kohler has a sink to fit your needs. Kohler sinks come in just about every shape imaginable and no matter what your décor you are sure to find the perfect fit.

Kohler kitchen options are plentiful and you will find just about everything you could possibly need. Everything from sinks to faucets, hot and cold water dispensers and more, Kohler has it all.

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KOHLER Collections


Holiday prep with KOHLER

Beautify your home this holiday season with kitchen and bath upgrades, courtesy of Kohler. Impress friends, family and attendant dinner guests with sparkling new fixtures – and your progressive sense of good taste.

For the Kitchen

Hosting a holiday party or dinner? Your kitchen is going to see a lot of action. And a lot of attention. A small investment and a few swaps will make the space guest-ready and put you on the design front foot. As an added bonus, you’ll actually be excited to spend more time prepping, cooking and baking all those dishes and holiday desserts. Save some cookies for us!

To get started, consider the sink.

Kohler offers a variety of kitchen sinks in styles including undermount, apron-front, wall-mount and top-mount. Looking to make your kitchen more contemporary? Browse Kohler’s collections of stainless steel sinks speak to the modern family, while traditional ceramic kitchen sinks settle nicely into a cottage or country setting. For minimum disruption in the natural order of things, choose a top-mount sink that matches the dimensions of the old one. You’ll leave your countertop intact and be back to business as usual in no time. Easy clean-up and a streamlined look can be achieved with an undermount sink, a real boon to the busy kitchen.

Still loving the sink you have? You can still play dress up around it by upgrading to a new Kohler faucet. Choose from pullout faucets and pull-down faucets, workhorse pot-fillers and the crème-de la crème, Kohler’s Sensate touchless faucet, a marriage for the ages between hygiene-helping technology and a design style fit for a magazine cover.

Complete the ensemble by accessorizing. Kohler’s array of kitchen accessories includes cutting boards, sink racks, dispensers (for water, soap or lotion) and fittings such as sidesprays.

For the Bathroom

Heavy holiday traffic in the home means overtime work for the bathrooms. Don’t tolerate an inadequate, outdated or ill-equipped bathroom when a few simple touch-ups will do. Kohler’s long list of bathroom fixtures and accessories are the answer to your bathroom’s cry for help.

Wash away those holiday stresses with a brand new showerhead. There’s no reason to put up with low water pressure woes and poor coverage when such a multitude of solutions are available. Take Kohler’s Flipside showerhead, for example. Four sprays in one ensure a satisfied, customized shower experience for your or your guests. Water-saving households can benefit from the Awaken model, which combines three spray settings in a low-flow design. If you’re short on free time to tackle a DIY project, the HydroRail shower column, with rainhead, showerhead and slidebar, installs in under an hour.

Change up those bathroom faucets while you’re at it. From the antique-inspired to the contemporary models, Kohler has the goods to make good in your bathroom space. If the sink is sticking around, be sure to match up your new faucet to the old for a straight and easy swap. Just count the holes and you should be good to go. If you’re looking for leak-free design and an easy install, consider Kohler’s widespread faucets, which feature UltraGlide technology.

Put it down or keep it up, just don’t overlook it. The toilet and toilet seat deserve your attention as well. If for nothing else than for saving water, think about an upgrade. WaterSense-certified models use at least 20 percent less water, while dual-flush models match waste to water usage, saving even more.

Like the kitchen, you can round out your bathroom renaissance with an assortment of accessories. Simple pieces like towel holders and hardware can tie the fixture finishes together, while new medicine cabinets and bathroom lighting pieces contribute to a whole-room overhaul project.