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Since 1918 Frigidaire has been a name that customers have trusted for all of their appliance needs. Pioneering the industry, Frigidaire offers quality products that are reliable, high performing and improve customer’s lifestyle. Frigidaire has always been committed to the customer and the environment offering high class designs that are environmentally friendly.

Frigidaire refrigerators are top of the line and come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. Whether you want the traditional freezer on top or a more modern day look with classy French doors, Frigidaire has got you covered. Functionality is in the design of every Frigidaire refrigerator and you will find their refrigerators to be space friendly for organizational purposes. Ice and water filtrations systems are available on most models and humidity controlled crisp drawers for all of your fruits and vegetables are a great feature.

Frigidaire washers are state of the art designed with energy savings in mind. Choose from top or front load styles all with multiple cycles, varying water levels and automatic locations for your bleach and fabric softener needs. Frigidaire washers come in sleek colors that function like a dream. End of the cycle signals will let you know when these extremely quiet machines have finished.

For all of your appliance needs, Frigidaire offers great quality and supreme customer satisfaction.

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