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Exaco RIGA-XL Riga Xl Greenhouse in Anodized


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Exaco RIGA-XL Details
Exaco Riga Xl Greenhouse in Anodized

The Riga XL greenhouse is a greenhouse aimed at the professional grower. Professionals need first rate insulation, ventilation and light transmittance, and that is what this greenhouse provides. Superior insulation is achieved with 16mm triple wall polycarbonate. Most home windows are double or even single wall these are triple wall, this separation greatly increases the insulation. The Riga Xl is also equipped with dutch doors front and back, four roof windows and a rear exhaust fan. The roof windows are accompanied by temperature sensitive automatic openers which open and close automatically when affected by hot or cold air.your plants need light to grow and through expert engineering They will get that light in the Riga XL. Light transmitting surfaces were maximized and through design the structure was minimized. This resulted in a greenhouse that can withstand several feet of snow and high winds but still not cast any shadows on the plants below.The ability to hold heat in the winter, expel heat in the summer and provide your plants with much needed sunlight make the Riga XL an excellent choice for professional grows or regular gardeners looking for something a step above the rest.

Key Features

  • Extremely heavy duty construction
  • First-class insulation: R-2.0
  • Warranty: Triple Wall Polycarbonate: 10 years – prorated after 5 years
  • Two wide doors - Horse Barn style - 1 in the front one in the back
  • 16 mm UV coated TRIPLE-wall Polycarbonate Glazing
  • 10 MM twin wall polycarbonate in front and back walls for extra strength
  • Interior area 10’ wide x 20’ long has a minimum of 6 feet to 10 feet in ceiling height
  • Assembly time is 2 days with 2-3 people
  • Comes with DVD and written Assembly Instructions
  • Made in Germany
RIGA-XL Specifications

Country of Origin: Germany
Finish: Anodized
Height: 10'
Length: 19'10
Material: Aluminum Frame and Polycarbonate Glazing
RIGA XL Professional Greenhouse: 283 sq.ft.
Weight (Pounds): 120
Width: 14'2

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