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Crystorama Lighting Group has been a unique source, creating decorative lighting since 1958. As a family owned company our concern for excellence is expressed in our styling, detailing, and sincere caring for our valued customers. Crystorama products are represented in the finest hotels, clubs, restaurants and residential homes throughout the United States and abroad. We take great pride in presenting to you our collection for the new millennium.

Knowledge is the key to understanding the full value and appreciation of a fine crystal chandelier. Crystal, a valued treasure, is part of history and legend. The Romans believed that the fire and sparkle in crystal reflect the flame and romance of constant love. Elegant crystal chandeliers grace historical places and museums throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Crystal Chandeliers, once reserved for royalty, can now grace your decorative interior. Modern day Crystal Chandeliers use advanced technology combined with olde world knowledge to produce brilliant crystal with precision cutting and superior light refraction. The design and manufacturing of crystal chandeliers requires years of experience and specialized craftsmanship. Your valued purchase will become a family heirloom to love and treasure and pass on to future generations.

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