Creating an Inviting Guest Bedroom

It only takes a little extra thought and care to turn your spare room into an inviting haven for your overnight guests.

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You’ve moved up to that bigger house. Finally, you have a spare bedroom that you can use just for guests. It is time to get out your hospitality skills and turn that room into a comfortable sanctuary where they will feel welcome and appreciated during their stay.

“It is all about the details,” says San Francisco interior designer, Julie Rootes, a featured designer in the 2015 San Francisco Decorator Showcase.

Charlie Curran, an architect and home designer, agrees. “I think that making an inviting guest room starts before you even get in the room,” Curran offers. “Is there a table outside in the hallway? If so, put some flowers on it.”

Calm and Comfortable Are the Keys
“Try using a neutral paint scheme and then color-up the room with pillows, throws and curtains,” Curran suggests. The use of a bold color on the walls could make your guest feel overwhelmed. Instead create a sense of calm for your guest. “No one wants an anxious guest,” Curran reminds us. 

To make sure they feel like it is ‘their room,’ keep the room free of your personal items such as pictures in frames. Instead opt for one or more pieces of art that will catch their eye and capture their interest. 
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In a guest room, the bed is the centerpiece. Keep sheets on hand that feel new and are freshly washed and pressed. Pair your coverlet or bedspread with a cozy throw across the end of the bed for an extra layer for cool nights, or one they can cuddle up to with a book. The bed should look pristine and inviting, so when it is time say goodnight, they can't wait to try out their new sleeping arrangements.

Additional furnishings could include a comfortable chair for reading, a chest of drawers for their clothing and a small desk, side bed table or bookshelf. 
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Include 5-Star Amenities
New toiletries, including soap, shampoo and even a toothbrush and toothpaste, should be available for their use in the guest bath. Fresh towels in generous sizes, along with washcloths are always appreciated. And don’t forget to restock the necessities like toilet paper, hand soap and tissues. To finish it off, provide a water glass and bud vase with a fresh garnish to set it all off. 

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Think carefully about what they might need in the guestroom. Rootes suggests you add special extra touches such as a water carafe and glass set on the nightstand, paired with a small antique vase with fresh flowers. In the age of electronics, a small Bluetooth speaker with a built-in iPhone charger demonstrates an extra level of thoughtfulness, allowing guests to play their favorite music. 

If you're comfortable sharing your wifi with your guest, make sure the password is available to them on their night stand, so they don't have to ask. “I love to add a new candle and a new pair of slippers next to the bed, along with a variety of the latest design magazines,” adds Rootes.

“Flowers are key and always a good move in my book,” offers Curran. He suggests choosing flowers with little to no smell, so you have color but not an overpowering scent.