Christmas Holiday Decor Backdrops: 5 Ways to Create Holiday Roomscapes on a Budget

Stop spending a fortune at the Christmas Tree Shop! Here are 5 ways you can brighten up your holiday decor without sacrificing additional gifts for Junior.

“Have Nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” -William Morris

Traditionally speaking, when we think of Christmas colors our minds conjures up colors of red, green and gold, but why not break free from the confines of Christmas past. Your living room might thank you and you might just gain a new perspective on simple, elegant and classic home Christmas décor. Holiday winter inspiration can be drawn from light, clean and airy colors, just as they can from bold bountiful ones.

Your home should inspire your life and therefore bring about the creative flair that conveys both an authentic home and one that easily displays your signature. Melissa from The Inspired Room has captured some great inexpensive DIY holiday décor ideas. Her blog features a basketful of different ways to love your home by decorating each room in numerous ways.

Jodie Landry from Pieces specializes in vintage and antique classic décor.  Each have their own unique way to dress up the home for the Holiday. Some of those tips are shared here.
Tip#1-Choose One Focal Point for Each Room

A good guideline to follow if you want something different during Christmas is to choose a one focal point in each room. For example, base your living roomscape around a glamorous but classic icon of the holidays such as a reindeer or antelope.

You can jazz it up by adding a bit of color such as a cranberry wreath or by placing complementary home décor accessories next to it.

It’s perfectly acceptable to leave all existing decor and simply incorporate a few holiday items within your living room, foyer or bedroom. Choose a few treasured mementos to highlight and commemorate the Christmas holiday.
Tip #2-Change it Up By Taking a Minimalist Approach

Minimalist holiday decorating need not be boring. The trick is to present it in a way that says “look at me!” This is why placement and size of your holiday décor is critical in order to gain the proper “Oohs” and “Aahs!

Think of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. Sad? Yes, a little. But there was a beauty in its simplicity, its sparseness. Simple can be elegant and comforting on the mind.

The idea that more is better, not only cost more money but can detract from the festive cheer of your home. Less is sometimes more when you’re covering less of a surface with a beautiful focal piece and dealing with a greater amount of space.
Tip#3-Consider Light to Pale Color Combinations 

Pleasant, subdued and peaceful colors can also symbolize Christmas in a silent night type of way. Consider using a lot of natural and organic greenery with no more than two to three light color combinations.

You can decorate using white as a color without losing richness as long as you include an abundance of natural greenery in your room.

Small bushes and trees can be kept very elegant by keeping all the lights in one color. Swags of mixed greens, white lights and casual wood surroundings help to keep it casual. Let there be light colors and abounding deciduous tree combinations. Build on the basics that fit the theme of your home instead of trying to create a theme.

On the other hand, if you do want a theme, try and make it more subtle. If a minimalist approach is not your cup of tea, just try just adding pops of the same color in different designs and textures such as plaids and pillows.
Tip #4-Reuse, Repurpose and Upcycle Existing Items in Your Home

If you’re thinking about doing a little DIY, book banners are a great addition to creating seasonal spaces. It’s easy and inexpensive project that won’t have you destroying a perfectly good book, but instead making use of a damaged one you may have lying around.

You could also pick up a vintage book in another language to add to the charm of making this Christmas banner display.

You could make this project optional by building on this idea and creating monogrammed book page place cards for a holiday table setting. The sky is the limit when it comes to making something holiday fabulous out of the something otherwise ordinary.
Tip #5-Create Unexpected Paradoxical Charm by Using an Opposing and Subtle Theme

Opposing decorating themes are nothing new, but they can be an experimental discovery in seeing what works with your home. Who knows, you may have a surprising and positive outcome by using aged elements in an otherwise contemporary setting.

For example, let’s say you live in the city and you crave that country Christmas feeling around the holidays. Nothing says chic and unexpected like a city farmhouse decked out for Christmas with rustic wood tones, plaids, aged picture frames, burlap or vintage postcards hanging from the tree.